Social Media Can Be Exhausting

Recently a parent I was speaking to told me that she unfollowed 60 (!!!) instagram accounts that were making her feel like a crummy mom.  I was stunned (and impressed)! 

The internet is both amazing and overwhelming, and I often encourage parents to unfollow accounts/influencers who tell them that their kiddo wouldn’t be picky if they had only ….”insert advice here”. 

People are exhausted by social media, blogs, the internet etc and I recognize that I’m one more thing vying for your attention, so thank you for being here. 

So many parents are worried that they are the reason their kiddo is picky—not true.  Nearly every child I’ve seen has other things that are contributing and making eating tough—lower body tone, weak oral motor skills, strong temperament, sensory differences, early trauma—to list a few.  

Want some real-time, face-to-face, compassionate help feeding your picky eater?  Let me know. 

Snack idea: whatever the heck you want!!



Social Media Can Be Exhausting

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