Should baby food be bland?

Old School Advice: introduce a single, plain pureed food at a time to your baby.  

Updated Advice: it’s okay to introduce mixed foods, as long as it doesn’t contain one of the 9 most common allergens: soy, dairy, gluten, wheat, sesame, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish—those should be introduced one at a time.   

There’s also no need to wait 2-3 days between new foods as previously thought (the exception being those Big 9 potential allergens I listed before). 

And it’s okay to offer your baby seasoned foods that you’re serving the rest of your family—mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon, avocado with cumin & lime, noodles with pasta sauce. Any other ideas?

Snack idea: strawberries & nutella dip



Should baby food be bland?

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