I resented it!

I was doing some strategizing with a family who really, really wanted to make weekday meals less chaotic and the parents told me that they feel so much more relaxed when they prep foods on a Sunday.  Mom said, “Tuesday Night Me is grateful that Sunday Afternoon Me took the time on the weekend to start the process.” 

I loved the way that she framed that!  This parent recognized that the “chore” of meal planning and prepping on the weekend simplified her weekday routine, even if she resented the time taken out of her weekend. 

I couldn’t agree with her more.  For a while I had stopped cooking & prepping on Sundays because I wasn’t feeling inspired and had gotten into a meal rut.  I felt like I was “wasting” my time off. So I decided to “wing it”.  While I think I’m pretty good at looking in the pantry and whipping together a meal, often I just didn’t feel like it. 

I’m back to Sunday afternoon prepping and Tuesday Night Me is grateful! 

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I resented it!

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