Rediscovering a Childhood Favorite

And speaking of iron-fortified cereals…….

I was brainstorming iron-rich foods with a parent of a very selective eater and I remembered Cream of Wheat.  I LOVED Cream of Wheat as a kid.  Warm & creamy and drizzled with a bit of honey or maple syrup—yum!  

Cream of Wheat is a type of cooked porridge that is made from, farina, a type of wheat middlings. It’s similar to grits, but smoother. It can be prepared with milk which provides calcium, vitamin D & Iodine, which are all nutrients of concern for kids in the US.  Cream of Wheat provides 9.5 mg Iron per serving—that’s a good amount!  Cream of Wheat is smoother than oatmeal, which could be helpful if you have a kiddo who finds lumpy oatmeal off-putting. 

I bought a box yesterday and will be experimenting with different ways to prepare & serve it. Hopefully I can find a way that appeals to your kiddo……  Stay tuned 🙂

Snack idea: Pita chips & Laughing Cow cheese wedge



Rediscovering a Childhood Favorite

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