Let’s Talk About the Power of Choice

Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to be reminded of the power of choice. 

Giving kids some age-appropriate control & choices around food can really reduce power struggles.  For a tween/teen, choice could look like asking them to make a meal plan and actually letting them do it, regardless of what they put on the menu.

Meal planning, creating the grocery list, and executing the entire meal can also give them a bit of appreciation for what YOU do every day (That’s a win-win!).  

Toddlers can be asked “Would you like grapes or a banana with your breakfast?” and school-aged kids can decide if they want a snack before or after watching their show.  

Remember, as the parent you decide the what/where & when of foods, but when we give our kids a bit of power while still holding gentle & kind boundaries, stress can be reduced and mealtimes more enjoyable.   

If you’re a busy parent looking for some support with your kiddo’s nutrition, schedule a Parent Coaching Call. It’s A one-on-one consultation for parents or caregivers to discuss and problem-solve feeding challenges. Strategies could include meal planning, snack ideas, routine/structure modification, tips for food introduction, and other resources. 

Snack idea: ricotta cheese, sliced fruit & drizzle of honey



Let’s Talk About the Power of Choice

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