A one-on-one consultation for parents or caregivers to discuss and problem solve feeding challenges.   Strategies could include meal planning, snack ideas, routine/structure modification, tips for food introduction and other resources. 

This is ideal for a busy parent who likes information and can run with it!  No need for your kiddo to be present for this appointment. This strategy session is meant for parents or caregivers to have the freedom to ask sensitive questions, share information and have an honest conversation one-on-one with another adult.

Parent Coaching/Consultation appointments can be in-person or via Zoom. Once you book your appointment you will receive a confirmation email and a pre-visit/call form that you can share with me with additional information about your concerns.

Additional support sessions are available as requested. 

Note: If you have a referral from your PCP for Nutrition Counseling, please call our office at 603-674-2479.