“You’ll never guess what my kid ate”

Every now and then I get a message from the parent of a picky eater that says “You’ll never guess what my kid ate????” and then they list off something like seaweed sheets, jalapenos,  lemon slices, a hamburger on a bun or even figs. 

These parents are psyched that their kiddo has branched out beyond their usual foods and has tasted something new.  This is a big deal! Do you know what’s the common denominator for each of these kiddos? 

Autonomy—they have chosen on their own to taste or experience these foods without (well-meaning) encouragement/pressure/cajoling from others. 

Given the opportunity to explore and experience a food (old or new) on their own time, kids can feel more confident and in control.   This takes patience from us, the adults who are worried about their pickiness.

Patience takes practice.  Deep breaths—you’ve got this!

Snack idea: Toast with whipped honey



“You’ll never guess what my kid ate”

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