National Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition Month!  As a former teacher, I love to teach kids about food, nutrition and the way their bodies use food.  The best way to get kids interested is to make learning about food FUN!  

I like to call National Nutrition Month “Make Nutrition Fun Month”.  Depending on the age of your kiddo, you can bring some fun to the party by cooking together, going to your local farmer’s market, picking fruits in season, baking a welcome treat for your new neighbors and/or reading food-related books together. 

One of my absolute favorite tools for teaching kids about food is Eatable Alphabet by Chop Chop.  (I’m not an affiliate, just a super-fan). Each card has a letter of the alphabet featuring a food that starts with that letter. The back of the card contains a recipe that uses that food.  For example, the letter A is avocado.  How about posing a challenge?  Can you “cook” your way through the whole alphabet? Can you “cook” your way through the letters of your name? How about preparing the recipe and holding a special “Try It” night where all family members need to experience the food?  

Let me know if you have any ways that you learn about food and nutrition!

Snack idea: plain instant oatmeal with berries and a drizzle of maple syrup



National Nutrition Month!

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