Have you Heard of 5-2-1-0?

Have you heard of this catchy health initiative?  5-2-1-0 was developed as an anti-o*esity program and launched in 2012.  Some schools use it as part of their health curriculum so your kiddo may have mentioned it. 

I like to use this with families to begin to create positive health habits without focusing on a child’s weight.   It’s important to me that parents embrace a family-wide plan to build health habits that are likely to stick around. 

5-2-1-0 is easy to remember and a good jumping-off point for many families. 

Each day I want family members to strive for 5 servings of veggies & fruits, 2 hours or less of non-school screen time, 1 hour or more of body movement, and consume 0 sugary drinks. Committing to these health habits is a blueprint for improved health. 

Follow the link above for age-appropriate materials that can help your family get started. 

Snack idea: Apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon & graham crackers



Have you Heard of 5-2-1-0?

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