The Truth About Frozen Veggies

Frozen veggies & fruits to the rescue!  

It’s a common myth out there that the best veggie is a fresh veggie. I’m here to bust that myth for you—-frozen veggies & fruits can actually be MORE nutritious than fresh. 

It’s because they’re processed (frozen) quickly after harvest and so retain more of their nutrients. But, that’s not the real reason I consider frozen veggies and fruits to be meal prep heroes.  It’s convenience and cost. Fresh veggies and fruits are at risk of languishing in the back of the fridge and going bad before being eaten. 

Frozen produce reduces food waste by allowing you to use just the portion needed, tossing the rest back in the freezer.  Embrace the store brand of veggies and fruits—some packages are less than $1—and give yourself a pat on the back for simplifying mealtimes 🙂

Snack idea: sliced pears or peaches with ricotta cheese



The Truth About Frozen Veggies

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