My #1 Pet Peeve as a Pediatric Dietitian

It’s time once again to rant about my biggest Pet Peeve: hiding veggies in foods.

I understand the motivation! Parents who are worried that their kids won’t eat veggies resort to adding them secretly to smoothies, muffins, pancakes, and pizza sauce and buy products that tout that they have “hidden veggies” in their products. 

Here’s my beef:  hiding veggies in foods breaks trust between kids and parents.  If veggies are hidden in a food and the kiddo finds out later, they may not ever eat that food again because they’re worried that you’re going to trick them into eating something they don’t want.

I’ve had kids report this very scenario to me.  It’s heartbreaking that kids become suspicious of foods that they used to eat. 

I have absolutely nothing against adding veggies to foods (carrot cake muffins, zucchini bread, pumpkin waffles, green smoothies, etc.), I’m just against the hiding of the veggies.  

Snack idea: sliced pears or peaches with ricotta cheese



My #1 Pet Peeve as a Pediatric Dietitian

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