New Year’s Resolutions are BS.

New Year’s Resolutions are BS.  This time of year is baloney….”A New Year, A New You!” Yuck. 

First off–you are fantastic, just the way you are!  You don’t need a “resolution” to transform yourself into whatever crock is being marketed at you. New Year’s resolutions are often too bold and un-doable, meaning we fail and then beat ourselves up. 

However, IF you’d like to create (and sustain) a new habit in the New Year, tune in next week where I break down how to do just that. Spoiler: tiny steps, consistently  

BTW- I’m a firm believer that we can make tweaks to our routines/health habits/diets whenever we need them.  No need to jump on the NY resolution bandwagon. 🙂

Snack idea: Mini Caesar salad with chicken



New Year’s Resolutions are BS.

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