Food Fun vs. Nutrition Education

Out of love, parents often attempt to teach their kids about nutrition so that they can be their healthiest. 

Unfortunately, this approach often backfires. 

Kids really don’t care about the Vitamin C in an orange or the importance of fiber.  What they really want is for food to be fun and taste good!

I’m all for learning about foods, but in a fun way. 

Here’s my favorite strategy–”Try It Night”.  Let your kiddo pick out a new food, prepare it and then serve it to the family. 

Here’s the fun part—present the food on trays with little frilly toothpicks and let kids pretend they’re wait staff at a fancy restaurant. 

Can they create a survey–liked it, loved it, not yet, not sure—and see what everyone thinks overall??? 

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Snack idea: Cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks & ranch dressing w/pita chips



Food Fun vs. Nutrition Education

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