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Coastal Family Nutrition uses Practice Better to support its clients throughout their journey. To access the patient portal or to complete required documentation, follow the link below.

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Picky Eater Cheat Sheet

What to do about a picky eater is one of the top things I get asked about by parents during our sessions. Having a kiddo with picky eating tendencies can be really stressful and exhausting, and parents are often unsure if this is something their child will grow out of, or if there's something else going on that deserves a deeper dive. Not only that, but we've got conflicting information all over the place, so it's no wonder parents feel unsure of what to do!

I created a free guide with some simple tips you can use at home to get your child to try more veggies. Get it sent straight to your email with the link below!

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Karen's Kitchen Guide

In my practice and in talks with parents, I often discuss helpful tools to utilize in the kitchen to pique interest of food in their kiddos. I also have some go-to items that I love suggesting to parents to help make nutrition fun! I created a guide with quick links to all the top things I recommend for families. If you're interested, click the link below to have the guide emailed right to you.

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Sometimes an eating plan alone isn't enough. I make it my top priority to give clients access to any supplemental calories and nutrients needed to keep them on a path of good health. I proudly partner with Metagenics to help clients achieve their individual nutritional goals. Metagenics offers a comprehensive line of children's supplements fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. When used in conjunction with a personalized treatment approach, Metagenics can effectively promote development, growth, and wellness in children of all ages.

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Ellyn Satter Institute

ESI offers an extensive range of tools, philosophies, and strategies to improve clients' relationships with food and overall quality of life. Most importantly, ESI is dedicated to helping people enjoy food. In my practice I implement various strategies from the Ellyn Satter Institute, such as their unique Feeding Dynamics and Eating Competence Models in my treatment approach to help children grow and thrive.

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Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)

For parents, having a child who suffers from food allergies can cause constant fear and concern. FARE offers parents and children the information they need to navigate through food situations with confidence. Coastal Family Nutrition clients will have access to FARE's invaluable research and data as well as discover helpful hints on how to stay safe at home, at school, or anywhere else their routines take them.

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MyPlate is an good basic resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers to find important information about reinforcing positive health and nutrition for children. The MyPlate website takes the guesswork out of a balanced diet. The site offers ample educational materials and activities that make eating well and choosing healthful foods fun. Visit the site often for access to updated links with handouts, stories, games, and more.

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