Divorced/Separated Parents Policy

We will achieve the best outcomes for your child by working together. Please read and accept our policy on cooperative care between divorced or separated parents.
It is your responsibility to inform each other of the child’s care, appointments, and other pertinent information. Please complete the “Preferred Method of Communication” section of the Intake Questionnaire accordingly if you would like both custodial guardians to receive appointment reminders.
We will not restrict either parent’s involvement in the child’s care unless authorized by law; however, we also will not duplicate information delivery unless directed by law. The only situation in which one parent may be denied access to the patient’s information or from attending appointments is in the case of a documented court order. Coastal Family Nutrition must have a copy of this documentation on the patient’s file. 
Any copays, coinsurances, deductibles, or other fees must be paid in full. It is the parents’ responsibility to negotiate any split payment agreements prior to the child’s first visit. 
Should there be issues between parents that become disruptive to the patient’s care, Coastal Family Nutrition reserves the right to discharge the family from our practice.