Hydration Station

Hot days call for extra hydration!

Toddlers need about 4 cups of water, school aged kids need about 5-7 cups of water and tweens/teens need about 7-8 cups of water.  Of course, it depends on your kiddo, the weather and what else they may have consumed that day.

Rule of thumb: be sure your little ones are drinking enough fluids to keep their pee clear yellow.

A fun way to get more fluid into your kiddos is by making ice popsicles—fill popsicle forms with water and simply freeze.  Make them jazzier by adding sliced strawberries, oranges, lemons or other fruit to the mold before freezing.  DON’T use blueberries, grapes or other circular fruits which could pose a choking risk for kids under 2.

Snack idea- Melon chunks (water melon, honey dew, cantaloupe) and whole grain mini bagels, toasted w/cream cheese. 



Hydration Station

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