My Youngest Was the Trickiest to Feed

My youngest kiddo was (is) the trickiest to feed. As a little one, she was very sensitive to smells and I had to leave restaurants with her quite often.  I’d walk her around outside in the fresh air while my husband and boys ate their meals.

She couldn’t help her sensitive nose, but at the time I was pretty annoyed. She continues to be sensitive to smells but has better coping skills. And she also lives away at college so it’s really not my domain anymore. 

I wasn’t working as a pediatric dietitian at this time, but if I was there are a few tricks that I might have tried and kept in my handbag. Such as, keeping a small washcloth or terry wristband that has been dabbed with a few drops of an essential oil like lemon or lavender. 

The cloth or wristband could be held under her nose to give her a more pleasing smell.  Or sitting near an open window. Or a small battery-operated personal fan that could blow the strong smell away from her.  

Do you have a kiddo with a strong sense of smell? 

Snack idea: berries & soft pretzels with mustard for dipping



My Youngest Was the Trickiest to Feed

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