Buddy Up Your Snacks!

My favorite snack tip:  “Buddy Up” your snacks!

Remember when I told you (back in my first blog edition) that a snack is an opportunity for extra nutrition?  Buddying up a snack, such as goldfish, with something from another food group (like a yogurt or deli meat) means that your kiddo is getting the nutrition that they wouldn’t get from goldfish alone.

Plus, Buddying Up a carb-y kid food with a fat/protein makes the snack heartier which means they’re less likely to return for more goldfish in 20 minutes!

Snack: “Snacky Tray”

This name was invented by a former client and I love it!

Here’s what you need:

  • A small-ish tray or plate or platter
  • Small amounts of cut up fruits, cheese, and veggies
  • A few slices of deli meat or pepperoni slices
  • A few different types of crackers, pretzels, corn chips, sesame sticks, bagel chips
  • A handful of nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios), dried fruits (plums, raisins, craisins)
  • A dip or two (ranch/hummus/Nutella/pub cheese/cream cheese)

Arrange the snacks on your tray/plate/platter—ta-da!!

Aim for 50% of the tray to be covered with fruits & veg, 25% with crackers/pretzels, etc and sprinkle in your nuts and dried fruits.



Buddy Up Your Snacks!

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