Hotter days are ahead and keeping hydrated is important, especially when playing outside or at the beach.  Symptoms of dehydration are crankiness, dizziness and drowsiness, peeing less often (fewer wet diapers for infants), a dry or sticky mouth or even lack of tears.   Stay ahead of dehydration by providing enticing drinks such as fruit infused […]

Tips for Hydration

And speaking of iron-fortified cereals……. I was brainstorming iron-rich foods with a parent of a very selective eater and I remembered Cream of Wheat.  I LOVED Cream of Wheat as a kid.  Warm & creamy and drizzled with a bit of honey or maple syrup—yum!   Cream of Wheat is a type of cooked porridge that […]

Rediscovering a Childhood Favorite

I was doing some strategizing with a family who really, really wanted to make weekday meals less chaotic and the parents told me that they feel so much more relaxed when they prep foods on a Sunday.  Mom said, “Tuesday Night Me is grateful that Sunday Afternoon Me took the time on the weekend to […]

I resented it!

Recently a parent I was speaking to told me that she unfollowed 60 (!!!) instagram accounts that were making her feel like a crummy mom.  I was stunned (and impressed)!  The internet is both amazing and overwhelming, and I often encourage parents to unfollow accounts/influencers who tell them that their kiddo wouldn’t be picky if […]

Social Media Can Be Exhausting

Old School Advice: introduce a single, plain pureed food at a time to your baby.   Updated Advice: it’s okay to introduce mixed foods, as long as it doesn’t contain one of the 9 most common allergens: soy, dairy, gluten, wheat, sesame, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish—those should be introduced one at a time.    There’s also […]

Should baby food be bland?

Protein is “Wellness’s” darling macronutrient right now.  Marketing has led us to believe that we’re all short on protein and many parents who come to see me are concerned about how much protein their child is eating. Or not eating! There is a minimum amount of protein that bodies need to grow and repair cells, […]

Does your kid need protein shakes?

Recently I’ve had a few conversations with parents who are finding that when they say less interactions with their picky eater is less stressful!  These parents see that when they don’t put pressure (eat more, eat less, eat your veggies, eat this before that) meal times are calmer and sometimes kiddo is branching out.   Saying […]

“Say Less”

A recent article in the Washington Post has got me a bit peeved.  The article implies that Registered Dietitians are responsible for o*esity and that we’re in the “pocket” of Big Cereal Companies. There is so much to unpack in this article, but I’m going to focus on just one thing—the 3 reasons I recommend […]

Why I Stand by Fortified Cereals

Here’s a reminder that kids need carbs (as we all do)!  Starchy and sweet foods indicate energy and little kids need lots of energy since they’re in a period of rapid growth. As kids’ growth tapers off a bit around puberty, their palate often “matures” and they are a bit more adventurous with food. This […]

Kids need carbs!!

My youngest kiddo was (is) the trickiest to feed. As a little one, she was very sensitive to smells and I had to leave restaurants with her quite often.  I’d walk her around outside in the fresh air while my husband and boys ate their meals. She couldn’t help her sensitive nose, but at the […]

My Youngest Was the Trickiest to Feed