How Does Working With A Dietitian Help My Picky Eater? 

Families sometimes wonder what it’s like working with me on feeding their picky eaters.  How can I get their kiddo to eat when they feel like they’ve tried everything???

Working with me is not about me trying to get your kiddo to eat; it’s about meeting your child right where they are and figuring out strategies that you can use to reduce stress around feeding your child.

Some of those strategies might mean that there are changes in how food is served, when & what foods are offered, and how you interact with your kiddo.  Some of those strategies might help your child learn to manage unfamiliar foods.

We are a team and we’ll work on it together!

Snack: Frozen Banana Pop


  • Bananas
  • Popsicle/craft sticks
  • Chocolate chips (or white chocolate or butterscotch chips)
  • Extras such as toasted coconut, sprinkles, granola, chopped nuts


  • Cut each banana in half crosswise and poke a popsicle stick in the cut end.  Push it far enough so that the banana won’t fall off the stick while eating. 
  • Place bananas on a sheet tray and pop them in the freezer overnight. 
  • Place chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Carefully melt chocolate in the microwave in short bursts of power.  Stir until very smooth. A few drops of cream will be helpful if the chocolate is too thick.
  • Dip the frozen banana in the chocolate and allow extra chocolate to drip into the bowl. Roll the dipped banana in the coconut/sprinkles/granola/chopped nuts. 
  • Return to the sheet tray and place in the freezer until the chocolate is set—about 15 minutes.  



How Does Working With A Dietitian Help My Picky Eater? 

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