My Top Halloween Tip!

My top Halloween tip- feed your kid a protein-rich meal & let ‘em rip!! 

I live in an amazing neighborhood for Trick or Treating and when my kids were little it was common to see hundreds of ghouls, witches, princesses, and Star Wars characters come up my front steps looking for candy.  Sometimes I mixed in stickers, tiny bottles of bubbles, glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth and spider rings into the treat bowl.  (FYI-the teenagers loved the spider rings).

Our neighbors, and good friends, always had a pre-Trick or Treat potluck dinner and adults looked forward to this as much as the kids.  There was macaroni and cheese, meatballs, veggie platters, fruit salad, chili and cheese and crackers—something for most everyone.  I encouraged my kids to eat a hearty meal with protein (hello meatballs!) and then we hit the streets. 

In my town Trick or Treat is always on October 30th because we have a can’t-be-missed Halloween Parade, complete with zombies dancing to Thriller, on October 31st.  It’s not a surprise to hear that kids rank Halloween as their favorite holiday!

So feed your little goblin a hearty meal or snack and let them go enjoy the spooky night!

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Snack idea: peanut butter and jelly sandwich, roll-ups or crackers with carrot sticks



My Top Halloween Tip!

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