What to do when your kid says “yuck”

Ooooffff! It’s like a kick to the gut when your kiddo gets to the dining table and pronounces your meal “yucky”. Take a breath.   Not every meal is going to please every person, but having a family rule like “don’t yuck anyone’s yum” can be helpful.  

One way to get ahead of the “yuck” is serving deconstructed meals family style. Offer parts of a meal in separate dishes and allow folks to serve themselves.  It can go a long way in reducing dinnertime protests.  Be sure that at least 1-2 parts of the deconstructed meal is a preferred food for your picky eater. 

Next week I’ll tell you the story of a good friend who was a master at “considerate without catering”.  

Snack idea: Roasted chick peas 



What to do when your kid says “yuck”

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