“Haste Makes Waste”

“Haste Makes Waste”- The Book of Wisdom (190 BC)

When I was a kid my mom often threw that phrase at me as I was rushing around.  She was usually right because I’d end up making a mess or a mistake, which meant I had to clean up or start again. Sheesh—annoying!

My Paddy was a preschooler you just couldn’t rush.  If we were late getting out the door, trying to hurry him along usually backfired—we’d both end up in tears.  When I remembered to take a breath and let go of my impulse to get him to move faster, we had a more successful school drop-off. 

I’ve noticed that some kids who have anxiety around food benefit from an extra bit of time (just a beat or two) to think through what’s in front of them, what they’ve just tasted, or what they need to do to “fix” the food.

Attempting to rush them to eat or even interact with the food increases their unease, causing a block. 

Consider giving your picky eater an extra moment to process when they’re at the table and see if the extra time allows them to do a bit more exploring.

Snack idea: Freezer waffle with peanut butter



“Haste Makes Waste”

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