Do teens benefit from food exposures? YES!

Some of my favorite clients are teens!  When they come to me they’re motivated to make some changes for themselves. One of my teens wants to feel more comfortable about eating in the dining hall when he goes to college next year.  Another teen simply wants to be able to eat out with her friends. 

Teens are nearly adults and can describe why a certain food is problematic for them and then help do some problem solving. They can identify signs in their own bodies when they’re feeling uncomfortable and they’re ready to use some strategies to get over the “hump” of feeling stuck in their eating routines. I find that the trick with teens is respecting where they are, validating how they’re feeling and giving them permission to go slowly and not rush the process. 

Is your teen ready to make some changes in their eating? Reach out so we can chat about how I can support both you and your teen. 

Snack Idea:

English muffin Pizzas- toasted English muffin, pasta sauce, shredded cheese & pop in the toaster oven to get melty



Do teens benefit from food exposures? YES!

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